nvimNeovim configuration4 months
tmuxTMUX configuration4 months
vimArchive of my old vim settings4 months
vim-optionsMy shared nvim/vim settings in a plugin4 months
cookiecutter-dockerCookiecutter recipe for new dockerized projects4 months
docker-faustDockerized faust example4 months
docker-firefoxRun firefox in a container4 months
docker-jenkinsRun jenkins in docker to control other docker containers4 months
docker-kafkaHello World example with Python and Kafka4 months
docker-localstackDockerized localstack with SQS script4 months
docker-neovimDockerized version of me neovim setup4 months
docker-nginx-proxy-testDockerized Nginx with Httpbin for proxy testing4 months
docker-nordvpn-transmissionDockerized nordvpn with transmission4 months
docker-sparkDockerized PySpark Example4 months
docker-stormDockerized streamparse example project4 months
dummy-webserverDummy webserver for testing networking4 months
web-graterScrapy scraper for finding broken hrefs/images4 months
accliPython 3 CLI app for self hosted Active Collab4 months
advent-of-code-2020Solutions to Advent of Code 20204 months
bookmarksAll my web bookmarks8 days
incantationX11 text expander written in Go4 months
raspberrypi-scriptsCollection of scripts for raspberrypi4 months
slack-mention-readerRead slack mentions, store locally4 months
python-flake-hello-worldA simple python hello world project with nix flake intergration4 months
cC playground for following tutorials and experiments4 months
goGo playground for following tutorials and experiments4 months
pantsPlayground to experiment with pants build tool4 months
bash-scripting-presentationMaterial for bash scripting presentation at DevOps meetup4 months Setting up Django on VPS Presentation code/slides4 months
docker-presentationSlides and Examples for my Docker presentation at YEGSEC4 months python daemons presentation code/slides4 months
python-script-refactorContent for refactoring talk given at edmontonpy/yegsec meetup4 months
scrapy-presentationYEGSEC scrapy presentation code/slides4 months
zsh-presentationParsely internal zsh presentation.4 months