nvimNeovim configuration87 min.
docker-faustDockerized faust example3 months
goGo playground for following tutorials and experiments5 months
slack-mention-readerRead slack mentions, store locally6 months
docker-localstackDockerized localstack with SQS script6 months
tmuxTMUX configuration8 months
docker-nordvpn-transmissionDockerized nordvpn with transmission9 months
zsh-presentationParsely internal zsh presentation.9 months
pantsPlayground to experiment with pants build tool9 months
docker-stormDockerized streamparse example project10 months
docker-kafkaHello World example with Python and Kafka10 months
vim-optionsMy shared nvim/vim settings in a plugin13 months
python-flake-hello-worldA simple python hello world project with nix flake intergration15 months
advent-of-code-2020Solutions to Advent of Code 202016 months
cC playground for following tutorials and experiments17 months
docker-firefoxRun firefox in a container17 months
docker-jenkinsRun jenkins in docker to control other docker containers17 months
web-graterScrapy scraper for finding broken hrefs/images17 months Setting up Django on VPS Presentation code/slides17 months python daemons presentation code/slides17 months
scrapy-presentationYEGSEC scrapy presentation code/slides17 months
docker-presentationSlides and Examples for my Docker presentation at YEGSEC17 months
bash-scripting-presentationMaterial for bash scripting presentation at DevOps meetup17 months
raspberrypi-scriptsCollection of scripts for raspberrypi17 months
python-script-refactorContent for refactoring talk given at edmontonpy/yegsec meetup17 months
accliPython 3 CLI app for self hosted Active Collab17 months
incantationX11 text expander written in Go17 months
docker-neovimDockerized version of me neovim setup17 months
cookiecutter-dockerCookiecutter recipe for new dockerized projects17 months
dummy-webserverDummy webserver for testing networking17 months
vimArchive of my old vim settings17 months